Electro Partners can offer you the following on board repairs.

  • General repairs to main switchboard, control panels and general electrical systems.
  • Repairs to smoke detection and smoke-sampling systems (Kidde, Thorn, Ginge,...).
  • Repairs to alarm-and remote control systems.
  • Repairs to oil mist detectors (Graviner, Daihatsu,...).
  • Repairs to oily water seperators and 15PPM monitors (Deckma, Babcock,...).
  • Thermo-graphic survey of main switchboards.
  • Generator control, synchronizing and protection systems.
  • Conversion from reactor-transformer controlled voltage regulators to full thyristor controlled voltageregulators.
  • Repairs to cargo cranes (electric-electronic and electronic-hydraulic).
  • Testing of cargo gear.
  • General shiprepairs.

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